Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where Have I Been?

In the Great NorthWest, visiting my daughter and two adorable grandchildren!

Aidan, four

and Isla, six months.

I gave Aidan the "Little Red Ridinghood" Explosion Box that I made. We played together for two and a half hours, and then Aidan played an additional half hour by himself. I think he liked it!

We made cupcakes while I was there.

We were invited to two Easter parties (on different days). There were Egg Hunts at both.

Here is my daughter holding Isla. Isla is wearing the same Easter outfit that my daughter wore on her first Easter. My Mom made it for her. I wrapped it up and gave it to my daughter at Christmas. The tag said from Grandma, Sent on Angel Wings. (My Mom passed away years ago.) It was so special to me that Isla was able to wear it!

Isla is at the age where she smiles and laughs almost all the time. Aidan likes to play, and even cooks and crafts with me. Such fun ages! I was sad to leave!

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  1. How much fun - I'm so jealous! I'm really doubting that I'll get grandchildren :( Your Aidan and Isla are both beautiful! So glad that you had a good time, and Isla looks so pretty in her momma's clothes! Have a great weekend - hugs!


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