Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Followers and Visitors! I am so thrilled when I get comments on my creations. They really make my day! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Hubby and I are working on decorating the house for Christmas today. I would like to share my Fall decorations with you before they disappear into the garage for another year! It's a rainy day here, and the lighting is not at its best. :(

Front hall

                                       Family Room

Back door of Family Room. The quilt was handmade by my favorite Aunt who was like a grandmother to me.

                            Close Up of Scarecrow by Door

One of two matching scarecrows that hang on bannisters on each side of the family room.

Island in center of Kitchen

Island Deco

 Kitchen Counter Deco

Center of Countertop

Close Up
Hubby and I both enjoy decorating for the seasons. Fall and Christmas are our favorites, and we have the most decorations for these times of year. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek inside my world! I'll have postings for Pixie Dust and S2G tomorrow. Hope you'll stop by sometime during this holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday shopping!


  1. Cat, your decorations are beautiful. It's so nice that your DH enjoys your decorating together! Can't wait to see Christmas photos this year! Hugs!

  2. Such a festive house, nice warm and inviting. Can I come for dinner?


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