Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ghost of Christmas Past

I am late, late, late! I meant to post pix of my Christmas decorations earlier. I really did, but life got in the way. DDs were both in town for the holidays! :) This was one of the best Christmases ever, because our dear grandchildren were here!  I (Cat) told A that we lived in a Christmas house. LOL
A loved all of the decorations. Here he is in our sunroom.

Lighthouses. I keep them out all year. Just add a tree at Christmas and a decorative rug.

Christmas decals on windows.

"Reason for the Season"

Bears like to dress up for the holidays too!

Cards hung on wicker baker's rack. My daughter was going to toss it during one of her many moves, but I rescued it.

Small loveseat in corner with Christmas afghan and pillow.

Doorway leading to kitchen.

Checking out the Christmas village in our family room.

Ooops! Now who could have knocked the engine over?????

Our tree. It acutally has 70 less ornaments on it than it had last year. DSs both got trees this year, so their ornaments were passed on. I buy them a new ornament each year, and they receive some from relatives.

Wreath on door leading to garage.


Closeup of mantle.


Sofa table

Table deco. (Gift from DBIL)

Staircase leading to livingroom.

Pix of our two best presents and paper gingerbread house that I made last year. Photo in center is my adorable great nephew.

Advent calendars. I made one for each of our four children and one for Hubby and me. Each card has favorite pix of the kids growing up, and I even remembered to write the date they were taken!

Our new tree for the holidays. This pic really doesn't do it justice. It is gorgeous in real life!

Here is a closeup. It looks like it's covered in snow. 

So pretty!

Another Teddy beside the tree.
View from kitchen looking into livingroom.

Snowglobe train. I absolutely LOVE snowglobes!

Centerpiece on kitchen island.
I just love Christmas decorations! The house always seems so sad and empty when it's time to pack everything away.


  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Cat!!!

  2. Wow Cat!!! I love your Christmas decoration! those bears are soooo cute!

    Check out my blog, there is an award for you! :)

  3. so festive and full of love. I just packed away my decorations and know how you feel, it's so blah now.


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