Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

My dear friend, Elizabeth, owner and designer of Softpencil Designs, gave me this award!
Thank you, Elizabeth! Now I have to tell you 7 boring things about myself. LOL

1. Like Elizabeth, I cut my own hair. I have always cut my husband's hair and my sons' but not until about 5 years ago did I start cutting my own hair. It was around Christmas, and I had planned to go to the hairdressers, but it snowed, and I couldn't get out of the driveway. So in desperation, I cut it myself! I had watched hairdressers cut my hair in the past, so I didn't feel too intimidated. I can even do layers front and back!

2. I have been in the same Bunco group for 23 years. We meet once a month to roll dice, chat, and eat delicious food.

3. I am a procrastinator. When something is looming over my head instead of tackling it right away, I start cleaning anything and everything that doesn't move. Usually I'll start in the bathroom. I have it down to a science, and I can clean the entire room in 15 minutes. Hubby always asks when he sees me whirlwind cleaning, "What are you putting off that you should be working on?" Actually cleaning is mindless work, and I'm able to think a lot of things through before beginning a task. 

4. I LOVE chocolate! I have to eat at least two pieces every day. My favorite are the Hershey's Nuggets with milk chocolate on the bottom and dark on top. I keep them in the freezer.

5. I love my kids and grandkids sooo much. I pray for them all the time. Someone once said that a mother's prayers are like a bright shining star shooting straight to Heaven. I certainly hope so.

6. Hubby spoils me. He cooks for me, and I clean up afterward. Before starting college he worked as a cook. He cooks fast too! He hates cleaning up afterward, and I don't mind at all. I do enjoy baking. I love making desserts. I have made three wedding cakes and a huge engagement cake for my children over the past five years. 

7. I read every night before I go to sleep. Right now I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I heard about the book on NPR (National Public Radio) and one of my Bunco friends had just finished reading it, so she lent it to me.

Now I need to pick 15 victims Blog friends to send this award to:
Patty J-who was one of my very first followers
Beth- (Nana's Memories and More) who shares stories and pix of her family and "Mr. Bear"
Lorraine- who always leaves such sweet comments on my blog
Georgia-my BFF and fellow Bunco buddy
Chris Veneruso- who always makes me laugh!
To 4 members of the S2G DT whom I had the honor of working with for 12 months:
Anne who also served on S2G and inspires me with her creations and challenges she participates in.
Beth (Itsabrt) who regularly visits my blog and leaves such nice comments
Melissa who served with me on S2G and now on Pixie Dust Studio DTs
Kathy Owner and Illustrator of Pixie Dust Studio who allows me to work with her fabulous images every week
Ileana who makes such gorgeous projects
Jennifer Scull a former S2g member who always makes lemonade out of lemons
Big Hugs to you all and to all of my followers who make my life so happy!


  1. Awww....thanks Cat! BTW...I read The Help - fantastic book - you will LOVE it! Hugs!

  2. How sweet of you, I think? I like to say "victim, opps, I mean volunteer" whenever I have the chance so I chuckled over your slash.
    Well, I am a big fan of NPR, and tonight we are going out to see Garrison Keillor so I will put off playing with my award till tomorrow.

  3. hey Cat! lol! I cant believe how much we are alike! I TOO clean to put things off and my hubby ALSO cooks every nite cuz I would rather clean up! Wish we lived closer! Thanks for the award...guess I will try to tell some boring things bout me! sending u BIG hugs, jane w. :)

  4. aren't you just so kind to present me and the others with this fabby award!!! thank you so very much! :)

    I am like you and MUST read every night. I, too, read The Help, and enjoyed it. there are just so many wonderful books out there, and I plan to read as many of them as I possibly can! but I am old-fashioned and need to have a book in my hand. don't know that I will ever replace them with the new Kindles and such. hubby just laughs at me. grins!

  5. Thank you sweetie will be posting it on my blog tomorrow and you are well deserving of this award enjoyed reading about you also.


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