Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gingerbread House Party V

                The final project for the Cuttlebug Birthday Palooza was to make a Thank You card. My card opens.
  Inside is a gingerbread cookie.This was such a fun challenge! I took pictures (again) of all my projects
so you don't have to search my blog to find everything.

Here is everything that was required for the challenge in a group setting.
***Double click to get a closer view.***

This is the invitation.

Gift box and coordinating card

Mini book which can also double as....


.......a table runner when opened.

The centerpiece (which has an opening in the back so it can be lit.)
And because I am an overachiever lol, I also added:

a place setting, napkin ring, ornament favor,

decorated candy jars,

                                   and cookies!
                Now I am ready for my party, and it isn't even December yet!


  1. These are great, Cat. Throw some bats on then and use them when we come over on the 23rd.

  2. Truly great work!! im so happy you played along with our party palooza this month, and hope you will continue toenter your fabulous creations! Good luck!!

    Thanks for partying down with us at cuttlebug challebge blog!!

  3. Wow, wow! I hope you are as pleased with your creations as we are! Thanks so much for partying with us at Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot!!!


  4. OMG Cat looking at all of your cute little gingerbread boys is such a joy I have so loved each and every one of your projects this month good luck on winning this month's challenge if we were voting you'd have my vote.
    Thanks for helping us celebrate this month it has been so much fun.
    See you next week


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