Sunday, January 3, 2010

Greetings from Maine!

It's still snowing here! I just had to go outside and play! How many opportunities does a Southern girl get to play in snow like this?

I guess Hubby had enough snow yesterday. He stayed inside and took pictures of me through the window.

Hubby kept motioning for me to move back and to the right. I thought he wanted me to stand in the road! Finally I understood that he wanted me to stand in the yard. What a surprise when I sunk in to my knees!

I really, really wanted to make a snowman or a snowgirl, but the snow wasn't quite wet enough to stick together and roll. So I had to settle with making a snow angel! Just had to take a pic! It's so much fun to relive my childhood! I don't think I've ever really grown up!


  1. Awww...LOVE your snow angel! How much fun!!! Enjoy your visit, and thanks for the pics!

  2. Luv your angel! looks like you guys had some FUN! TFS....DEIDRE


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