Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween!

Hubby and I went out to dinner tonight at Cracker Barrel. I LOVE their gift shop! While browsing I found this adorable hat. I put it on and asked Hubby, "How do I look?" and he laughed and replied, "Ridiculous!"
A woman nearby came to my defense and said, "I think she looks cute!"
I thanked her, and then walked out to the car with Hubby. "You know what? I'm going back and get that hat!" I said. While walking back inside I saw the woman who said that the hat was cute.
"Are you going back to buy that hat?" she asked.
"Yes, I am!" I replied.
"Well, good for you!"
I really want that hat for Halloween this year. I take my grandson trick or treating, and it's always so much fun to dress up! My grandson loves the "The Incy Wincy Spider" song, so I know he will love Nana Cat's new hat.

Here is a closeup of the spider. After I purchased the hat, I put it on in the car. Hubby said, "Take it off before someone sees it!" Then he laughed and said that he was glad I bought it, because the next time we went to Cracker Barrel, it would probably be gone, and someone else would be wearing that hat instead of me. 
I loved taking my kids trick or treating on Halloween. They were always so excited and it was so much fun seeing them and all of the other kids dressed up. I like it even more now. My daughter lives in a small town. The police block the main roads off on Halloween night, and the local kids go to each shop and trick or treat. All of the shop owners and most of the parents dress up too. It's one big party with spooky music being played, hot cider, cookies, apples, and of course, candy. So much fun!

 I am so glad that I get to share the Halloween experience with my grandson. I think a part of me will never grow up! Hmmmm......I think I need a matching feather boa to go with the hat.......maybe a green one!


  1. Hi Cat
    I think the hat is fantastic and will be loads of fun for you on the night. Wosh halloween was hot in this country(England) as it is in the USA. Think i might consider emigrating just for that reason(lol). What's a cat without it's witch on halloween (lol). Have lots of fun looking forward to the new PDS digis
    hugs Debbie xx

  2. OMG I love this hat!! How perfect to wear during October!!! You are so talented!


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