Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Tribute to Elizabeth Pujalka and Softpencil Studios

If you are a Softpencil Fan, you know that Elizabeth is closing the digital image part of Softpencil Studios. Images will be available until August 1st on Etsy. You can get 5 images for $10. Elizabeth has had some legal problems that you can read about HERE. Someone has violated her Copyright and Terms of Use.
My heart goes out to Elizabeth! She is such a sweet and talented lady. Softpencil is the very first DT that I was invited to join. (I saved the email). I remember jumping out of my chair, letting out a WHOOP of joy, and scaring my son half to death! LOL
Inspired by Kerry, who is also on the Softpencil DT, I created a slideshow video with all of my Softpencil Creations.
  Thanks for the Memories, Elizabeth!


  1. To my dear friend, this is totally AWESOME!!! I think it's so cool to see all our projects!!! I totally agree... great memories! I enjoyed every minutes of it. Hugs!

  2. Wow Cat!!! I LOVE your video! thank you very much for working with me, it was a great pleasure! I´ve enjoyed every of your creations, you´re very talented!
    We´ll keep in touch my friend ;)
    Many hugs to you!!!


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