Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jack? Jack Who?

My almost five year old grandson's favorite name is Jack. No, that's not his name. Whenever I tell him a story he asks me to name the main character, Jack. Many of his toys, including a favorite plush animal, a dog, are named "Jack". On my recent visit I read him the story, "Jack in the Beanstalk" which he loved.
Somehow the story led to a discussion of gardens, and my grandson became alarmed that crows might eat his garden. I told him that sometimes people put scarecrows in their gardens to frighten crows away. I decided to surprise him and buy a scarecrow. On our next visit to Wally World I let him pick one out.

 By the time we arrived home it was already dark. DGS grabbed a flashlight, and I grabbed a butter knife so we could "plant" the scarecrow. Everything was fine until we ran into a little problem. I started to dig, and I hit bedrock about three inches down. I'm busy stabbing the soil trying to find a spot to dig a hole. DGS is spinning the flashlight around, and I'm asking him to hold it still so I can see what I'm doing. DGS yells, "Nana! Look at all the slugs!" He flashes the light near me, and I am sooo close to kneeling on some. I somehow manage to stifle a scream. LOL

These suckers are HUGE! I run into the house to retrieve a bowl of eggshells left over from my blackberry pie baking marathon. I quickly crumble some and sprinkle them around the garden to repell the slimy intruders. I ask DGS if he wants to help. He replies that he's scared to touch the eggshells because they are too slimy and gross! All the while I'm thinking that nothing could be slimier or grosser than these huge slugs!
The next day I asked DGS what he would like to name his scarecrow (as if I didn't already know!). Of course, he chose the name "Jack".
Me: "I bet when you grow up and get married, you have a little boy
         and you name him Jack."
DGS: "I'm going to have a whole bunch of little boys! I'm going to
            name them ALL Jack! Then when it's time for them to come
            in the house, I can just stand on the porch and yell "JACK!!!!"
            and they will all come in the house at once!"
I'm glad he has it all figured out!

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