Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home....

.....or at least to my daughter's house! My sweet granddaughter who will soon be one year old is going to be a ladybug this year on Halloween. I found the most adorable Ladybug costume for her at Cracker Barrel (one of my favorite restaurants). My daughter has loved ladybugs for a long time. They seem to follow her around and bring comfort during stressful times (almost like Guardian Angels.)
I decided to make a Ladybug costume for my daughter. I bought a plain Tshirt and cut off the neckband forming a scoop neckline. Then I stitched on cording to finish it off. The skirt was made by looping strips of tulle over an elastic band, and then safety pinning the elastic ends together. Completely No Sewing required for this part.

Next I made flower for the shirt. Tulle was gathered and then topped with a bow and a ladybug button.

I twisted pipecleaners and hot glued pom poms onto a headband. I made another tulle flower similar to the one on the shirt and glued it to the headband to add a little extra bling.

A Ladybug needs wings. I used wire coathangers to make the wings and covered them with red sparkly tulle. I used Fabri-Tac to hold the tulle in place and to glue on the spots. The circles were cut out of black felt using Nesties and my Cuttlebug. The wings are currently in two pieces because they are too big to transport. They need to be duck taped in the center. I'll cover the tape with red ribbon and add two lengths of ribbon so the wings can be slipped over the shoulders.

This project was completed in two days and cost under $20. I can hardly wait to give it to my daughter!
DD wanted a costume to go with Ladybugs for my almost 5 year old grandson. I suggested a Bug Catcher with a Safari hat and a butterfly net. It was quickly vetoed by DGS who said he wants to be a Super Hero. I guess Super Hero is more exciting than a Bug Catcher! LOL

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  1. Dang, you are creative! great job on the costume.


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