Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Double Duty!

Today I am sharing my secret weapon! We have a problem at our house. Every summer, once or twice a week, wasps will sneak into our sunroom. We don't know how or why they choose to do so but they do. Now I am highly allergic to all bee stings so I naturally freak out when I see these invaders. My husband chooses to grab a big (and expensive) can of hornet spray and spray away. The problem is that he not only kills the wasp, he sprays everything around it: the wallpaper, the window sill, everything within a three foot radius. He can't kill the invader in one shot. The creature falls, staggers around, crawls away, and Hubby continues to spray. After the creature has finally passed on to that great hornet's nest in the sky, it is my job to clean up the mess. A large greasy stain is always left on the window; plus the carpet must be scrubbed wherever the spray has landed. And the SMELL! I am allergic to the fumes, as is my son. Well, my son, B, came up with the perfect solution. The next time a wasp invaded our territory, B grabbed a can of rug cleaner, took careful aim at the wasp while standing several feet back, and fired one shot of spray. The wasp immediately fell to the floor. Then my brave son, swooped in and covered the wasp in a pile of carpet cleaner foam! My Hero! The foam dissipates and the dead wasp is then removed; no fumes, no mess. My son found the perfect way to rid our home of wasps and clean our carpet at the same time! Do you have any home products that serve double duty? If so, share your story! I'd love to hear it!


  1. Cat, this is just too funny! I love your plan. DD and I are both highly allergic to anything that stings, and I am totally paranoid when I see a bug. Your son had a fantastic idea - one that I will try the next time one graces me with a landing (mine seem to dive bomb my head!). Thanks B for the new solution to flying pests!

  2. Try mixing ordinary washing up liquid into a paste with bicarbonate of soda - spread it on the oven and leave over night - wash it off the next day for a sparkling oven.

    Spreading cheap salad cream on the bbq and leaving outside overnight has the same effect! I have never tried it on the oven - not sure I could cope with the smell of aged salad cream inside the house by morning!


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