Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yarmouth Clam Festival

This was our first time to go to the Yarmouth Clam Festival. It is a three day event. The main attraction is the Clam of course. The first thing we did was hit the food court. It was centrally located, and as you can see, all of the vendor stands were labeled. It was really easy to read the signs and make your choices, plus it cut down on the amount of time that you had to wait in line. Did I mention there were clam cakes? And clam chowder! And fried dough! I was in Heaven! We missed the parade on Friday night, and I thought our chances of seeing "Clammy," the official mascot, were zero to none. But as luck would have it, he was spotted on the sidewalk as we walked around. Here is Clammy doing a meet and greet. Faces have been blurred to protect unknown visitors. There were also many craft booths, and a tent was set up where there was music and dancing. This band played a medley of Beatles songs! What a trip down memory lane! It is amazing that we still knew all the words to the songs after so many years! Soon it was time to make another clam run! Did I mention there were clam cakes? In the South we have crab cakes, but no clam cakes. They were so yummy! D's wife, E, said, "Let's go see my sister. She's working the cotton candy booth, and I want to see if her hair is covered in cotton candy like it was last year." I remembered meeting one of E's sister about ten years ago. She had a role as an extra in the gypsy scenes in the Stephen King movie, "Thinner." I know that E has several sisters so I asked, "Are you the sister who was in "Thinner?" Well, the woman's mouth dropped open, and she said, "I don't know. Maybe I am thinner!" As everyone turned to look at me I realized that E's sister thought I said, "Are you the sister who was THINNER?" I was mortified! Everyone else thought it was hysterical! Hubby's friend, D, will never let me live it down. I know, because now he tells everyone that I called his sister-in-law FAT! And BTW...wrong sister! She was not in the movie. I told my son, to add this story to the list of "Mom's Most Embarrassing Moments!" The night ended with a fireworks display! What a fun time!


  1. Did they have clam fries? Can't wait until you get home so we can go on a Hobby Hop!

  2. Love your story! How funny! But... did they have clam cakes? lol!!!


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