Sunday, August 16, 2009

He Loves Me!

I was blog hopping this afternoon and needed a nap. What a workout! When I woke up, Hubby told me that the phone had rung while I was asleep. "It was Archiver's," he said. "Your rotary cutter is in." "Whoo! Hoo!" I exclaimed. "I almost didn't answer the phone." "What?" "I picked up because it was a local number." ("Thank goodness for caller ID", I thought.) "How long will they hold it?" I asked. "Forty-eight hours." "Well, we are going out to eat. Maybe we could swing by and pick it up." "I don't know, I am awfully hungry," he said. Well as you can see in the picture above, I did get my rotary cutter today! Hubby took me to Archiver's. He waited in the car while I ran into the store and paid for my purchase. OK, I did look around for maybe five minutes tops. Promise. After all, he was starving! Nice to know he still loves me after all these years! I'll take a rotary cutter over roses any day!


  1. You went to Archiver's without me! The cutter looks neat.

  2. YAY for good men and good rotary cutters, and especially for Archiver's! (not necessarily in that order!!!)

  3. Truly a man who is married to a crafter and knows how to make his wife happy!


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