Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Emboss with a Cuttlebug and Nestabilities

My friend, Georgia, asked me to show her how to use a Cuttlebug machine with a Nestabilitie embossing die. Then I thought that there might be other crafters out there in Blogland who would want to know. I had also just cleaned up my crafting spot, and I decided to enjoy a house free from stamping and scrapbooking clutter for a while. (Let's see how long that lasts!) So I thought to myself, "An easy post without a lot of clean up!" So here is a very long step by step guide. I have found that it is best to emboss first and then cut the die shape out. Act I: The cast of characters are: a Cuttlebug machine, Plate A, Plate B and his twin, Plate B, a rubberized embossing pad, a piece of chipboard, and a Nestabilitie die of your choice. I chose a circle scallop pictured further down on this page. Place Plate B on top Plate A. Place the rubberized embossing pad on top of Plate B. I got mine at Archiver's. They come two in a package for about $9.00. I used a 30% off coupon and got it for $6.00. (I don't do retail.) lol The Nestabilitie die has two sides. One side is flat and the other is embossed. Place the cardstock on top of Plate B. Place the Nestie, embossed side down, on top of the cardstock. The flat side is facing up. Cover the cardstock and Nestie with a piece of chipboard. Place the second Plate B on top of the chipboard. Run the stack through the Cuttlebug. After it is run through, take the stack apart. Now that the embossing is done, you are ready to cut. Act II: The cast of characters are: Cuttlebug machine, Plate A, Plate B, Plate C, and the paper that you just embossed plus the same Nestie. Place Plate C on top of Plate A. Place the embossed paper indented side up (also called debossed side.) Place the Nestie embossing side face down on top of the cardstock. It will fit neatly inside of the embossing grooves that were just made. The flat side of the Nestie is face up. Carefully place Plate B on top of the Nestie. Run the stack through the Cuttlebug. I like to run it through once forward, and when it reaches the end, without removing the plates, I run it through again backwards. All you have to do is just turn the handle in the opposite direction. Take the stack apart and remove the die cut. It will look like this. You can use it as is, or you can decorate it. I like to use a small hole punch and punch inside of each scallop. This is what mine looked like when it was finished. Now it is ready to use. I hope this tutorial has been helpful.


  1. Thanks,Cat. I'll try it when I get home.

  2. a great tutorial thanks for sharing.
    Thank you for entering my candy. Good luck. Hugs Rachx x


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