Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Christmas Inside, Too!

We had the first snow of the season; actually, just a dusting. but it was still pretty while it lasted. Last week I showed you the outside of the house Today I will take you on a tour of part of the inside. My husband and I both love Christmas! He is as bad? as I am about decorating. As soon as I think we are done, Hubby will think of something else that needs to be decorated: like the lights on the ceiling fan. We did decorate them after I took photos. :)

Front door from the inside

Front hallway

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Counter

Love seat


Advent Calendars
We open one a day. I have pictures of my husband, me, and the kids in each window with a short description and the date. Ours is at the top and starts with the day we were married. My son B's is at the bottom. His starts when he was born. Each of my children have their own Advent calendar. When they moved out, I gave them their calendars. I look forward to opening the windows each year.

Fireplace in Family Room

Christmas Village
We started out with one house on our very first Christmas and we have added to the village over the years.

Our Christmas Tree
Hubby thinks it has too many ornaments on it! I love unwrapping the ornaments each year. There is a story about each one. When my DDs come to town, they ask  me to tell the story about each one. Some belonged to my parents, some were bought as souveniers from vacations, and some were given by friends, or made by my children. I took pictures of each ornament last year. I haven't started yet, but I plan on making a scrapbook with the "story" about each ornament. I'll have to make four copies, but I think it will be a nice keepsake for my children. Also I give a new ornament to my children, sons-in-law, and grandson every year.

Santa Train
I found this train at KMart one year at an after Christmas sale. It was 50% off! It runs on batteries and lights up. The whistle blows, the bell rings, and Santa says,"Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!" I love it! It reminds me of Christmases when I was little, and we went to my Uncle's house. He had a Lionel train set that took up an entire pool table! We looked forward to seeing the train every year. My youngest son was still in Middle School when this train was purchased. I remember that he strapped a GI Joe figure to the caboose and then video taped the train giving him a "ride." LOL


  1. Absolutely wonderful, so Christmassy, you can never have too many decorations, love all the ornaments, thanks for sharing, take careX:)

  2. I love your photo's! DD and I went on a road trip yesterday - traveled about 2 hours to a holiday home tour. OMG! You and DH would have LOVED it! We saw some beauties! Really put me in the mood to come home and decorate! With all of our biopsies and this test and that, I've been a bit lacking in that dept., but I'm gettin' with it now, thanks to you!!! Love your idea about the ornament scrapbooks! That could even be a digital book! You really have my wheels turning! Thanks kiddo - have a great night!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us Cat ! Your house looks absolutely gorgeous ! I think it is so nice that your husband participates as well... But I don't agree with him : your Christmas tree is just PERFECT !

  4. tfs your wonderful photos with us. You really do decorate for Christmas. Your home looks so cozy and comfy. I love your wallpaper and it's on the ceiling, too.

  5. Beautiful house Cat I so love Christmas and all the decorations thank you so much for sharing.


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