Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh. Yum!

Candy coated pretzel sticks were my project tonight. They were requested by one of my sons-in-law. I bought three bags of large pretzel sticks, two bags of white candy melts, and assorted candy toppings from the baking section of my local grocery. Two blocks of the white melts covered eight pretzel sticks. I melted the blocks in the microwave for one minute, spooned it over the pretzel sticks, and then rolled them in assorted toppings. I then placed them in the freezer for about two minutes to set. I still have some of the melts left. One and a half packages were enough to cover all three bags of pretzels.

Pictured above are two blocks. They are each about the size of an ice cube. During the summer months I like to use chocolate melts to cover fresh strawberries. I packaged the pretzels up, and I have enough for all four of my kids, sons-in-law, grandson, and DH. Tomorrow I will make cookies!


  1. Double yum! These are my favorite! Do you think we'll have a white Christmas?

  2. Oh Cat, they look delicious ! I have a sweet tooth and I am sure I would love them... Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog, they are always very much appreciated...

  3. THREE bags???? Holy pretzels!!! Lol...that's my job for tomorrow - lots of pretzels. DS requested them! Lookin' good, dear friend!

  4. Not a big pretzel eater but these sure look yummy I might have to get me some pretzel sticks and make these with my grandkid's.


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