Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Digi Phobia???

Never Fear! Help is here! Shirley's 2 Girls have a NEW page devoted to information about DIGITAL STAMPS! The link is HERE! I was somewhat "scared" of digis at first, but now I use them almost exclusively. They can be resized to use on any project. Storage is easy peasy! I have a folder for each company's digis on my computer. No more searching in drawers for the image I need, or trying to remember which company made the image... And.... I don't have to clean an image after I use it! So, if you have been wondering how to use a digi, now is the time to conquor your fears! Zap on over to S2G and have a look at their tutorial. Then zap over to the S2G Shop and pick out some "Digis with Attitude" to try out your new skill! What are you waiting for?

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