Friday, July 30, 2010

Engagement Party with Decorations Inspired by S2G

My baby boy is getting married! My future DIL LOVES elephants, so the theme for their engagement party was easy! I was inspired to use "Love Comes in All Sizes" for the decorations for the party. Pictured above is the cake topper.

For table decorations I used picture frames from the Dollar Tree with pictures of my son and his fiancee. They were decorated front and back.

Instead of a guest book, I made cards for each guest to write their best wishes on for the couple.

I bought Bic pens and covered them with green florist tape. Flowers were hot glued to the top, and I placed a pearl or a rhinestone in the center of each and placed them in a flower pot.

I bought bubbles (also from the Dollar Tree) and decorated them.

Here is the finished cake: all four tiers! I colored the icing for the stripes with Wilton food coloring and then applied Wilton colored sugars on top. The cake was alternate layers of marble cake with chocolate and chocolate chip filling, and white cake with strawberry filling. Delicious!

The theme of the party was "All You Need is Love", and the invitations had Peace Signs on them. I was trying to think of some way to tie elephants and Peace Signs together. I decided to make sugar cookies with Peace Signs on them.

Here is a picture of the happy couple about to taste the cake. We blew bubbles as they cut into the cake. What a fun party!

Hints for Decorating
When you need to make a lot of decorations for a party, the easiest way to do it is color your digi and then scan it. You can then pull it into a photo program for resizing. Then just cut the digis apart and apply to your decorations.
Warm Weather Icing
On the Wilton site there is a recipe for "Warm Weather Icing". I always use the Wilton Buttercream Icing recipe when I make a wedding cake. The warm weather version adds two Tablespoons of flour and five teaspoons of Dream Whip. I had trouble finding Dream Whip. I wasn't even sure if it was still being made. It's a powder, and I found it at Kroger. The frosting tasted the same as always, and was even creamier with the Dream Whip added. It's been so hot here, and the icing really held up well on the forty minute trip to the venue. (Of course we turned the AC up full blast in the car LOL) Another tip: ALWAYS use clear vanilla when making frosting.


  1. Awww!!! Congrats, momma Cat! Love seeing your baby boy, and his fiance, and all of your loving touches! I bet they just loved it! Great job, my friend!!!

  2. This is ALL wonderful...and what a cake and since I wear a lot of peace jewelry...I love the cookies. It is beyond fantastic to see how S2G designs work into REAL did yourself more than proud...I'll bet the happy couple were thrilled beyond belief...kudos...Kristine

  3. What a fun cake! The cookies look great, too. As always, you've done a fantastic job!!!

  4. Congratulations Cat!!! I wish the best for the couple and for you too! ;)

  5. That is awesome. Congrats to your son. Love all the decorations!!!


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